KAI Izumo
KAI Izumo

Greetings from KAI Izumo

Water from the renowned Tamatsukuri Onsen Hot Springs fills the baths at KAI Izumo. When you stay with us, be sure to visit two popular destinations, rich with cultural and historical wonders: Izumo Taisha, the shrine of the Gods, and Matsue Castle, known as the home of a famous tea master.

"We are proud to introduce the special tea room in the immaculate Japanese garden, available exclusively to our guests. A tea master in a traditional Japanese kimono will personally serve you freshly brewed tea. Enjoy delicate seasonal confectionery, the perfect accompaniment to green tea."
- Shunsuke Yanagi, General Manager

Where We Are


Stroll in the courtyard Japanese garden to find the special tea room, reserved exclusively for our guests staying at KAI Izumo.

Stroll through the courtyard, with its Japanese garden, on your way to our special tea room, which is reserved exclusively for KAI Izumo guests.

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Unforgettable Japan by Hoshino Resorts
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  • Q: Can I stay with my pet?
  • A: No. Regrettably, pets cannot stay with the guests. However, we offer recommendations on nearby pet boarding and care.
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Enjoy the matcha tea brewed by a tea master in a kimono. Read more

Enjoy the matcha green tea brewed by our tea master in the traditional manner.

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